Soul Taker Face of Fatal Blow V. APk

Soul Taker Face of Fatal Blow V. APk - Explore versatile world with magic boots, find the intriguing truth and face with betrayals.

Overwhelming battles for life between invaders and defenders. This is huge war!
Finally, a very competitive game fulfilled with breathtaking vast series arrived to open a new era for RPG history.

Soul Taker Face of Fatal Blow

Soul Taker Face of Fatal Blow

It takes only a few intriguing clicks for you to dominate this breathtaking versatile battle which is fierce competitive to vast online MMORPG world.
Breathtaking graphic and competitive PvP battle with skill combos are fulfilled,
Customized system to care for your valuable time is an option, and
Overwhelming battle excitement with worldwide gamers are yours.
The collective arts for this fall to fulfill your soul mission, Soul Taker!

Soul Taker Face of Fatal Blow

★ Vast amount of intriguing collective contents
- 500 monsters and huge item collections with different traits, costumes and boots
- Such competitive features as dungeon tower, soul card hunting, boss battles
★ Customized smart system for better fulfilled RPG Life
- AI auto mode: Auto hunting mode which even beginners can follow easily
- Skill tree system: Customized guide for my battle style
★ Fierce and versatile PvP with worldwide gamers
- Real-time competitive soul card hunting
- Collective world ranking
★ Full 3D artistic overwhelming graphic
- Highest quality full 3d graphic delivers intriguing interaction into the game
★ Intriguing engagement with fierce combo damages
- Exploring huge land with ultimate action attack by Critical attack and combo
★ Compatible with tablet devices

Soul Taker Face of Fatal Blow V. APk

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