ProtectedApps Donate v2.5.5 Apk - ProtectedApps Donate With this app you could protect app with a password, PIN or pattern. The Android lockscreen is used for that. 

ProtectedApps Apk

ProtectedApps Apk

The protection could not be removed with a simple long press on back-button, like with most other apps. You could even protect not straight startable apps like the package-installer.

Donation: You could select a unlimited count of apps.

ProtectedApps Apk

ProtectedApps Donate features:

  1. Different observation modes
  2. Duration of unlock configurable
  3. Automatic lock could be switched off
  4. Notification options
  5. Duration of unlock could be configured
  6. Pre lock slider could be disabled
  7. Minimal and Maximal time frame of unlocking configurable

What’s new ProtectedApps Donate in v2.5.5 Apk

  1. Crash report unlock- Don’t show a icon in toast
  2. Fixed a problem with notification unlocking
  3. Fixed a problem after phone call
  4. Some other small fix
  5. Updated Translations

ProtectedApps Donate v2.5.5 Apk

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