Nexus Media Importer Apk  - is a wonderful utilisation that allows you to feed and somebody punishment, videos, photos and documents from a USB lamp repulse or book clergyman siamese to your Nexus 5 or Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Moto X or another Android 4.0+ devices with USB army supporting.

Nexus Media Importer v8.0.4 Apk

System Requirements:

  1. An Android 4.0+ device.
  2. An USB OTG cable.
  3. An USB Flash Drive or USB card reader with a flash memory card inserted

Nexus Media Importer Features:

  1. If you are using a card reader, put the flash memory card in the reader first
  2. Attach your USB device to the OTG cable
  3. Attach the OTG cable to the Nexus or other device
  4. The application should launch automatically
  5. Photos can be browsed by selecting from the list when swiping back and forth
  6. Video can be streamed with the play icon
  7. The advanced tab can be used to manage and transfer files
  8. Use the connect screen to determine the viewed device and the destination device for the copy/move operations

What’s New in Nexus Media Importer v8.0.4 Apk

  • Fixes and visual changes for lollipop

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