Gem Miner 2 v1.5 Apk - Grab your pickaxe and get ready for adventure!

Explore caves, abandoned mines and long forgotten temples as you search for fame and fortune in this long anticipated sequel to the best selling classic, Gem Miner!

NEW: LIFX Wireless lightbulb experimental support! If you have LIFX bulbs, you can now immerse yourself in Gem Miner 2 - your room lights will turn on and change color to match the in game activity! Enable this feature from the options menu.
Note: 2 new permissions were recently added - INTERNET and WIFI. This is to support LIFX wireless lightbulbs only.

Feature Gem Miner 2 :

- Bold and colorful HD graphics
- Bigger mines, more ores, more hazards, more tools and even more fun!
- Freeplay mode puts you in control of an enormous mine
- 6 difficulty levels in freeplay
- Over 65 expeditions across 3 difficulties
- Supports Google TV
- Supports LIFX wireless lightbulbs
In the same rich vein as Motherload and I Dig It, Gem Miner 2 provides the classic freeplay exploration mode, as well as adding carefully crafted missions to the mix. This is the ultimate mining genre game, exclusive to Android platforms.

Gem Miner 2 v1.5 Apk

Gem Miner 2 v1.5 Apk

What’s New in v1.5 Apk

  1. Added tech mine expansion pack
  2. Check objectives when outside of the camp by tapping on the stars
  3. Subtle character animations added
  4. Improved digging feedback
  5. Lots of graphical improvements
  6. Added a small element of randomness to the digging
  7. Less memory usage, less battery usage, better performance
  8. Silenced the low health warning when on surface
  9. Fixed bugs and performance improvements

Gem Miner 2 v1.5 Apk

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