Iphon Launcher Full V1.0 Apk Best ifone launcher with real ifone animation GIVE IT A TRY,YOU WONT REGRET.
Iphon Launcher Full

Main features

-Brand new animation
-Buttery smooth animation
-Universal Search This is a true universal search searches entire phone including music,contacts etc
-Uses project butte animation rendering engine to provide seamless animation.
-Highly optimized,uses very low system resource
-Hide apps.
- Bookmarks can be added on the home screen
-Direct calling contact shortcut can be added on the homescreen
-Various system settings can be added .
-Change icon from custom icon.
-Hide default apps.
-Uninstall apps directly from the home screen.

Iphon Launcher Full

Folder -unlimited numbers of apps can be put in a scrollable folder

###### How to ######
ENABLING THE LAUNCHER : go to settings >apps> select the launcher you are using>clear default. Now press home button .Set launcher as default
FOLDER : just hold down any icon >drop over another icon
BIG ICON: if some icons looks little big >go to launcher settings>turn off large icon option>Clear default launcher.
Iphon Launcher Full

CHANGE ICON: Hold down on an icon and use the option.

More info and Screenshots from Google Play
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