Drag Racing 3D v1.7.3 Apk - Drag Racing 3D is exciting night street races. They say that drag is the most impressive type of racing. It's the challege for only the most crackheaded and courageous drivers. You should use the full power of your car if you want to win!
At the begining of the game you get some cash to buy your first car. When you win you earn more money to pimp your ride or to buy a new one.

Drag Racing 3D v1.7.3 Apk

The main features of the game:

- Dynamic races on 1/4 and 1/2 mile
- More than 35 real-based cars: from the urban sedans to the professional sport cars
- A lot of combinations for making your car better
- You can paint your car and rims in any color
- Detailed statistics of each race and game progress
- Career mode allows you to go throught all racer's life - from beginner to professional
- Quick race mode helps to choose a unique opponent for each race
- Saving records may help to achieve better results in each race
- Game is fully translated in English and Russian

Drag Racing 3D Apk

What's New Drag Racing 3D v1.7.3

-2 new cars!
-Spoilers: 15 types with a length and height adjustment
-Wheels: 28 types with tire profile adjustment
-Neon lights: 11 types of neon colors with a choice of any flicker frequency
-Suspension: changing of the length of springs and center of mass
-Paint: 4 types of paint - metallic, caramel, matt and chrome
-Music in race added
-New music in garage
-Improved car behavior in race
-Optimizations and bug fixes in the garage and race

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