Top 10 Game Adventure Android Maret 2014

Februari was a slower month while not the frantic vacation shenanigans, however we have a tendency to still saw many nice games land on Google Play last month. thereon note, here area unit the magic ten.

1.) Farm Heroes Saga

It ought to return as no surprise that the creators of Candy Crush heroic tale have came back with one more addictive  puzzle game. during this one, you piece along veggies and sun to bring your farm to life. You were warned - this one can suck you in.

Download Farm Heroes Saga

2.) Deus Ex: The Fall

For those of you World Health Organization enjoyed Deus Ex: Human Revolution once it discharged a few of years agone for consoles, the autumn is for you. This aspect story options terrific visuals and spectacular gameplay, all engineered around inventive augmentation.

Download Deus Ex: The Fall: 

3.) Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird looks deceptively simple, but watch out. Beneath its cute exterior lies one of the toughest game experiences you'll ever come across. For those that arise for such a challenge, you might reap the rewards. MIGHT.

Download Flappy Bird: 

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